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Rome has such many offer that at times it can be hard to decide where to begin when children are concerned. We have listed a few ideas of what we consider special places.
47Luxury Suites Staff can successfully guide you once you have a better idea of what you would like to do and see
This is where it all began according to the legend of Romulus and Remus. The twin brothers were found on the Tiber River and they were nursed by a she-wolf. Take a walk on this historical hill and try to find the famous twin’s cave. It’s all a ten-minute walk from 47LuxurySuites
This is a great place to begin with kids when you arrive in Rome. It’s a trip back in time, 3,000 years of Roman history that explains the life during that period through a sort of interactive movie attraction with special effects. Be sure to sit on the sides if you’re not up to lots of movement.

There is a 30 ft hole in the roof of this structure! The hole is the only source of light and you should see how the place works when it rains! Entrance is free which is always nice and the structure is located in a no traffic zone and is surrounded by cafès.
This is an amazing park full of museums, statues, fountains, a children’s cinema known as Cinema dei Piccoli (classified as the world’s smallest cinema), bicycles, ponies, a free, interactive center at Casina di Raffaello for very young children, games, boats, a few restaurants, a train that moves throughout the park, a soccer and track field, a Shakespearean theatre, a puppet theatre on Pincio Hill and plenty of green for picnics!
A fantastic, interactive museum that has lots of exhibits including a mini television studio, supermarket and gas station. A wonderful spot for smaller children that is centrally located.
This is a great place to visit early evening. The stadium-shaped piazza and the ‘bigger than life’ sculptures are simply amazing as they ‘play’ with the surrounding architecture. There are also lots of artists, performers, vendors, musicians and restaurants that surround the square.
If you want to visit Rome again, just toss a coin over your shoulder and make a wish! This is a great place to wind down, enjoy the glorious Bernini fountain and simply cool off! Only one minute walk from 47LuxurySuites
Children’s events and performances are often held at the large auditorium center designed by the famous Renzo Piano. Santa visits during the holiday period and there is an ice rink for the winter season as well.
This beautiful hill is often loved by children as there are puppet shows that have been taking place for years and there is always the firing of the canon that can make quite a bang! This delightful part of Rome is a 30-minute walk from 47LuxurySuites
The Planetarium in located in an area called EUR. Did you know that there was another ‘Colosseum’ there?! At least it looks like it!! The Planetarium is comfortable and relaxing and can entertain you with 4500 stars and planets galore!